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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 24, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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everyone out. >> pest of luck to you. good to meet you. again, we are here in downtown napa. this building that mike owns is really the worst of it. courthouse square, the old courthouse right behind us, we can show that to you right now, but it is, again, sustained major damage, as well. we are going to send it back to you guys. >> cornell, thank you very much. cornell has been there all morning long. we have another report in the area. an update on the 9:00 hour. there was a 6.1 earthquake, major earthquake, the biggest one since the 1989 loma prieta quake. this happened in napa, creating such damage that apparently an entire block will be condemned and we have a number of injuries. >> let's go through the figures for you. 89 injuries is the latest figure. most of them went to queen of the valley hospital. now buildings, some of them are
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majorly damaged, others more minor. some of it by water, as you see. about a half-dozen homes bushed. we know four at least at a mobile home park in north napa. laura anthony has been covering that for us. we have thousands of wine bottles of that been destroyed in this fire and earthquake. as you look at some of the fire pictures from the mobile home park, i want to let you know they had a water main break as well in the area and one of them deeply affected the fighting of this particular fire. water tenders had delivered some water as they were without the immediate hydrants there with the water main break there. and 30,000 people still now, about five and a half hours after the earthquake, still don't have power. about 30,000 people. most of them in the immediate napa, american canadian, vallejo area. this is the biggest earthquake to hit the region in 25 years.
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6.99 was the loma prieta earthquake. there have been smaller ones in napa in the last 15 years, but none causing the magnitude of destruction we are seeing today. >> we are going to be hearing from officials of napa at any moment. they and he add news conference within the next hour. you see a live picture of the city of napa offices where everybody is gearing up. obviously the city officials are trying to gather information so they can give us an accurate account. the last one was back in september of 2000. that was 5. today is far bigger. creating buckled roads, water main breaks, gas main breaks and significant damage. back then they had about $15 million in damage. it really hit napa hard. this earthquake is going to hit napa equally as hard because of the economic. this is a tourist town.
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it's a great place to live but it's a great place to visit. a lot of wineries are affected a and all the businesses we've been showing you. >> this is highway 121 near napa. we've been showing the situation with major road damage there. just look at the buckling. the crack, like someone just tipped the roadway, split it in two and went in two different directions there. that is the extent of the big surface buckling there you are seeing in napa. amazingly they are able to keep traffic flowing through that area with reduced lane usage at the moment, as they continue with repairs. but that is some of the damage we are seeing this morning. there were other bridges that had to be closed, inspected," due to some structural damage. seeing a lot of buckling on various other roadways. one neighborhood we showed you where kids may be out kind of enjoying the spectacle, if you will, on meadow brook, but
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certainly the buckling of the roads, that is something that's going to inconvenience residents and certainly keep road crews busy for a long, long time. >> this happened at 3:20 this morning so we are just beginning to learn about the enormity of the damage caused. and we are keeping an eye on how big this is and all the aftershocks. david. >> the big thing about the magnitude 6.1 earthquake this morning is it actually measured out at 6.05. so as they continue to refine their data, it will rollout to two or three more digits beyond to the right of the decimal point. they will round up or down. they have pretty much settled on rounding up at 67.1. we will show you all the aftershocks of that been going on in the area to the northwest of american canyon and vallejo. you see there's been quite a cluster of aftershocks. they now number about 40 since the 3:20:00 a.m. earthquake.
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we switch to this side, we see how all of them are listed individually as they are recorded by the northern california sensors. you can see they are fairly small, 1.8, 2.6, 2.1, 2.8. the largest one happened at 3.6. so we continue to monitor the situation. we are going to send you back to cheryl and to kristen. >> thank you so much. now we have a new development. >> yeah, the city officials will tell us about the quake this morning. >> do i have to use my name? >> okay, we see somebody from emergency services and the fire department. they are making sure the mics are working because they want to give us important information. originally when we recorded it at 3:20 this morning, it was 6.0, but it was a little bigger
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and rounded up to 6.1. that explains the discrepancy there. >> 6.5, they round up. we will keep an eye on that. in the meantime a little more information about the things they might be talking about. some of the historic building of that been damaged this morning including the goodman library and napa county courthouse. their emergency services are normally coordinated from there and they have had to move to the sheriff's office as a result of the damage to that building, with i is quite significant. we will go to the conference. >> we have activated our emergency operations center. and effective at 7:59 we declared a local emergency. the county, i believe, has taken similar action. we have brought in all available forces and they were coming in to assess damage, provide
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services, work getting underway. we are busy now surveying all of the various complaints that we've received and establishing priorities. we brought a number of resources in this morning to talk to you. why don't i introduce john callahan, who is with the fire department, who is also handling the operations this morning. he can explain what we are doing in terms of responses and then we have some of the other technical support from public works, police and other departments if you have questions. >> what is the situation under review? >> the declaration states that we have an emergency. it means that we have exhausted our local resources. we need more help than we can -- from the outside. we are asking the governor, both the county and the city are asking the governor to declare a state of emergency so we can
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access resources through the state office of emergency services and perhaps beyond. so it's a declaration to determine that we need help and it's serious. we will be submitting with that declaration an itemized list of the type of damage and needs within the next couple of hours. we do not have communication. we just made the declaration about an hour ago. we expect that will occur in the future. >> chuck? >> good morning, john callahan, and as the fire chief pointed out, we have multiple structure fires we've been dealing with. a total about six. in one instance it involved approximately six mobile homes together so that was one single incident. four of the six are completely damaged and the other two suffered major damage.
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additionally we are still in the phase of evaluating the buildings out there to know exactly what we have and what we need -- where we need to place our priority resources. we have a total of four strike teams from local government from the area that are in here helping us out. as was mentioned by the city manager, our resources are exhausted as far as quantity of on duty personnel. so in these situations as happens state and nationally, we call in outside resources for that help. we've had in the neighborhood of -- we have right about probably 100 plus gas leaks, powerlines down, medical calls in the neighborhood of about 80-plus at this time. the queen of the valley hospital has been inundated with patients all related to the trauma-related incidences after the earthquake. one major incident is a fireplace falling on a young child, a young person is in critical condition and has been flown out for a neurocenter.
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our crews again are still, we are trying to catch up with the calls. we have a significant backlog of calls. we also additionally have resources from the california office of emergency services on hand. local fire agencies with rescue crews that specialize, urban search and rescue crews are en route and plus some that are physically in town now. that's about all i have. the public works director is going to come up and talk about the infrastructure issues. go from there. [inaudible question] >> i do not. i know it was pediatric and i do not know the age. i'm the operations chief of the napa fire department. [inaudible question] >> there were two criticals that i'm aware of and two other criticals, and i don't know the
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exact nature of them. i'm going to assume this is all trauma-related injuries from falling debris and et cetera. [inaudible question.] >> we have no reports of anybody missing at this time. >> do you recall the danger is -- can you identify all those? >> i'm sorry, can you repeat that? >> have you identified all the gas leaks and powerlines down? >> no. i believe we are still getting calls of those of that nature. pg&e is being very aggressive working closely with us to identify and isolate any known leaks. but as people come home, they get up, they get moving, that's when we are starting to get more calls. additionally, we haven't seen any aftershocks of significance. we've had some. i understand two of them in the 3-point something range but they are anticipating up in the range of 5-plus for aftershocks. i haven't felt them yet. >> chief, a lot of people out
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there just looking at the buildings, especially in downtown where there is some rubble. any word to them about -- >> yes, please stay away. we've done our best and we are still working on isolating those areas and taping them off. we've tried our best to close off downtown and those buildings that are obviously damaged. we have teams of inspectors, building inspectors, which again the public works director will get to who will go out and evaluate those items. but it's the common sense side. please stay away from the buildings that look like they are leaning at this point. >> as far where people go? >> there is a shelter in place at napa high school now, maybe go to a friend's place. if you don't smell gas and you are publicly safe. >> can you tell us when power will be restored to the community? how long? >> i do not have an idea of
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that. >> the building officials, do you have a good idea how many overall? >> we are in the middle of an assessment. i will let the public works director speak to that and the status of the buildings, okay? >> of the houses did you say two were destroyed. >> no, total of six. four completely destroyed and two others damaged in one incident. in another incident there was another structure fire at a mobile home that was destroyed as well. a separate mobile home park. with that i will let jack come up and answer anything further. >> larochelle, jack, public works director. first, we do want to say the report from the gas leak that we've gotten, there's been a lot of reports but pg&e is chasing those down. we don't know the actual numbers. my understanding is that they
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have crews working on that. the big thing at public works infrastructure standpoint is the water main system or the water system. there's been reports of about 30 water main leaks or breaks. a lot of them in the browns valley area west of town. that's to be expected. it's a gee logic area that is more susceptible to damage. we have our crews out there assessing all those locations, what we are trying to do is isolate those leaks, shut off the water to those areas as quickly as possible. now to provide water flow in volume. we've opened up our other water plant in hennessey. we have two feeds, one from the south, one from the north. the water plants are fine. they aren't damaged.
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that's got news, the up side. we are feeding water. the tank levels started going down right after the earthquake. so those have been stabilized and starting to come back up when we were able to get our other plant in operation. what we are doing now is -- the first issue is getting the water back on as soon as possible, as quickly as possible. the water is safe to drink. i would say that. and what we are going afterwards, after we do that part of the work, is then we have to send out assessment teams to go out and assess the damage. my understanding so far is there's some road buckling issues, but nothing as far as any catastrophic failure of any bridges, which is good news. at least in the napa area. from a structure standpoint, we
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again have a team of folks that are going to go out that are inspectors. we will get some structural experts to go through and assess properties. we are doing that right now. we don't know how many there are. we don't know what the extent of the damage is. but when we find something that is problematic, we will red tag it, have folks not be around the building for safety purposes. and then we will go from there. we just don't know yet. as soon as we get that information and it's confirmed, we will make that available. >> seems you will have 100 or 200 structures damaged. do you have a feel how many have been red tagged? >> i couldn't tell you that right now. you know what? that's speculation. i have no idea. you can just see some of the damage downtown to the older buildings. some of the unreinforced masonry
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buildings, but we just don't know yet. >> can you talk about what the requirements last year and -- [inaudible] were they retrofitted? can you tell us anything along those lines. >> i can't tell you. rick, if you want to talk about that. rick? rick tucker is our planning. >> with regard to the structures, jack is right. we are out assessing. we don't have numbers to tell you at this point in time as to the number that wave red tagged. what we are trying to do is make certain we have people on the streets identifying the buildings as quickly as we can. we are starting from the center outwards. with regards to reinforcement, most of our buildings to the downtown, older buildings, have been reinforced.
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we have just a small handful that have not. whether or not they are the ones that are connected to work that has been done or not, we're not able to say at this point in time. we need to collect the information and get it out to you correctly rather than make some assumptions. >> the city manager? okay. rick? [inaudible question.] >> they vary. there have been improvements made to the buildings overtime. some have been as recently completed -- completed as recently as the last 18 months and others have been done several years ago. so really it varies. >> is it a requirement?
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>> it is a requirement. >> what were the deadlines. >> the deadline has come and gone so as a result there are very few of that not completed their reinforcement. we've been actively pursuing that by working with them. like i say, i don't want to draw any conclusion to any of those structures relative to any damage that's out there now. we just don't have enough data to tell you that. [inaudible question] >> i'm the community development director. >> steve plotter, from the police department. i'm the operations captain there. i would just like to say that our 911 system and all law enforcement, public safety systems, are operating as normal but enhanced because of this event. i think we have relative calm in the community because of the -- i think a lot of that had to deal with the overwhelming response we had from our 911 staff, our police officers and our firefighters who live here
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in town who came in without having to be called in. so with that said, we are working with security in the downtown area, some of the shopping centers. we are having -- we will have for several days a high police presence, and that's to provide service, assistance to the citizens of town, as well as the business owners. right now we have some street closers downtown from jefferson street and from third street to maine. a lot of that is due to the broken glass that's downtown, the damage to the buildings and the potential for further damage to take place. the napa sheriff's department is taking care of security at the court houses, as well as the county administrative buildings and at the department of corrections. we are very thankful for the community. we've already received a lot of donations as far as lumber to board up windows. so that makes our job easier. we've been responding to a lot
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of alarm calls. when the buildings are secure, it makes it that much easier for us and helps us provide other service to the community. any questions? >> can you tell us how many 911 calls you have received? >> i have no idea but the system was maxed out for a short time. which is typical. several years ago we had an earthquake, about 5.2 and we went through that. it wakes people up and they call. we reported some emergencies. there were gas leak issues. there were fires. there was a whole host of things that people were calling about that were brought on by this natural disaster. >> any concern about downtown, a lot of windows have fallen off and officers down there? >> not at this point. like i say, we've had relative calm for this magnitude of an earthquake.
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and those situations we received, they are already starting to board up windows. we are trying to assist the business owntories come in and assess the buildings and to secure them as quickly as possible. but we haven't had reports of looting or anything like that. [inaudible question] >> come up and have a good time. i would check on your reservations for restaurants or wineries. but downtown, a lot of will it will remain business as normal. that's not to take anything away from the residences and businesses of that suffered, but a lot of it will be business as normal. we just and that they stay out of dangerous areas where there's broken glass, and bricks on the ground where they might get hurt. no other questions, i will turn it back over to the city manager, mike. >> just a point of clarification before we close. when we say that there have been
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100 gas leaks, those are calls we've received from people worried about gas. that doesn't necessarily mean that we verified that the pipelines are leaking or there's a hazard. anytime we receive that kind of call, we go and check it out. but i want to make it clear those are calls we received, not verified leaks. we know that the conditions are evolving quickly. if it will be helpful, we will do these briefings on a regular basis. we will come back around noon or every three hours until things slow down. we should have more information and we should be able to verify, give you more detail in terms of the numbers and what's happening out there. in the meantime, for people to receive more information, they can -- anybody can take a look at our web page, we have the whole front page dedicated to providing data and
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details about happening. the information officer barry martin can be contacted at 258-78 to 4, extension 7817. that's 258-7804, and extension -- what did i say? 7804. >> 258? >> someone is writing this in hieroglyphics. >> 7817. 258-7817. barry martin. >> just to clarify, you said 100, but is it 100 -- is it 100
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gas leaks total? >> those are the calls we've received related to power and gas. we are in the process of verifying and determining what that means. the numbers ever changing all the time. all right. any other questions? [inaudible question] >> do you know if there were injuries with the fires? >> the serious injuries were due to falling debris. i don't believe they were related to the fire in any way. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you. >> you've been watching a news conference, napa officials held to brief us on the earthquake. the biggest thing to come out of this brief news conference and probably the energy declaration that the city and county have made. they are now requesting governor brown to do the same.
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the governor has been briefed on the earthquake and he says they are in contact with state and local officials. the other thing that has come out of it is certainly they recognize many buildings now need to be inspected. and some buildth have been damaged so they will be going around to see if any buildings need to be red tagged, if they are unsafe to be in. in the meantime the police have secured damaged buildings in the city to prevent any potential issues. not that they expect looting but they are securing them for people's own safety. there is so much going on. we want to check in with tiffany wilson from the newsroom. >> napa is a city of about 80,000 people but it has a reputation around the country, around the world. people who love that area, the vineyards they have visited. that's what we are seeing on social media this morning, an outpouring of support. if we can take a look at some of the tweets.
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some vineyards are sending out tweets to other vineyards with more significant damage. this is from a vineyard thinking about our friends in napa this morning and hoping you are all safe. and then if you look a little below. these are individual people who have visited the area saying thoughts and prayers to one of my favorite cities. that was from carlos. and then jennifer saying keeping napa downtown and all the businesses and people in my thoughts today. i love that town and it's historic buildings. if you scroll further, you can see somebody who was actually there in the middle of it. this is a picture of david jackson's kitchen. all of the drawers out, things on the counter that spilled out on to the floor. so certainly you can see the damage that is there. but then people are just saying, you know, we are so thankful it wasn't worst. they were worried about the dam, and that held up. so certainly a mix of good and
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bad news. you know, the damage to individual people's homes and properties and the restaurants there. but as you just heard in the news conference, officials i saying if you have reservations or you planned on going to different wine tastings, call and check ahead. they may still be open. we will keep an eye on social media, but right any it's mainly an outpouring of support and prayers. we are thankful it wasn't worse than it was. cheryl. >> tiffany, thanks very much. our reporters are in the napa and american canadian area. if you have a situation you have damage and we haven't checked in with us. check in with us. in the meantime laura anthony has been on the scene after devastating fire and she joins us live. laura. >> hi, cheryl. i was just talking with the owner of this home right here. he is shaking his head. he's like he didn't expect this to ever happen to him. first the earthquake and then to have a gas main break and a
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water main break and a fire that took his entire home here. he said everything he has is gone. i'm standing in the kitchen area u you see the refrigerator over there. dishes and the holiday cups left standing here. obviously a devastating loss for this man and his girlfriend. we will show you what it all looked like earlier this morning right after the earthquake. witnesses tell us that they felt the earthquake and lacked out the window here and saw the flames across the street. this home that i'm standing next to was actually the first one to go up. quickly spread to two adjacent mobile homes here. as we told you all morning, the fire department got here and because the watermains had broken in the area, there was no water to fight the fire. so they ended up having to stand here basically at least for 15, 20 minutes and watch the fire. they didn't just stand, i'm sure they went door to door and got
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folks out. but let's hear first of all from bill and theresa. they are the ones that own this home here. >> did you wake up with the earthquake? >> we didn't really know what happened. the house was already on fire and it was hard to get out because it was separated from -- it was really scary. >> i understand. how are you feeling? >> feel like we lost everything. >> yeah, we lost everything. >> but we are okay. >> unfortunately we had a major water main break just outside the mobile home park. it ended up having to get water tankers in to provide water to the fire engines for the fire fight. it made it more difficult for us. >> and guys, you can see the
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mobile homes are really just a smoldering mess at this point. we were hear probably by about 4:30, 5:00 and they were putting water on it at that point. these were fully engulfed. they brought in some water tenders and they had them standing by. but given the fact these were a loss, they wanted to conserve the water in case they needed to use it to keep the fire from spread to go some of the adjacent mobile homes. as you see, i'm standing between two of them now. it's only about three or four feet in between. it was a very high probability this would spread. the fire happened. they found themselves fortunate but they did lose four in here. but it didn't take over the entire community, in part because there was no wind thankfully this morning. they were able to keep it contained to this area and only within the past couple hours have we seen them put water and foam to put out the last of the
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flames here. cheryl, kristen. >> thank you so much. we want to give out viewers an update. if you are just joining us at 9:31 this morning, we've been on continuously with an earthquake overnight in the bay area. this happened at 3:20 this morning about three miles northwest of american canyon in the napa, american canyon area. it's a 6.1 magnitude quake. that's pretty major. you can see the result. at stores things fell off shelves. buildings have been damaged and roads have buckle. tens. thousands of people in the bay area, especially in the napa area, without power right now. since the ecco curd at 3:20, there have been several aftershocks between 2.5 and 3.6. about four or five of them in that area. also there's been some smaller aftershocks. you are looking at some pictures from vallejo, highway 37 one of many roadways that saw some
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damage. whether it's cracked roads, buckled the surface, burr we saw that on 121, as well. and 37 here. road crews have been busy since the quake this morning. one of the hardest hit areas is in napa where a mobile home park just went up in flames. you are looking at video from that. four homes there definitely destroyed. a couple more with damage and you saw the couple walking there. this is a mobile home park with a lost senior citizens. they all got out safely. you see the firefighters there. they had to get water tenders in. their hydrant was not putting out any water. they had a water main break. the first 20 minutes they really couldn't do anything at all about it. anthony has been reporting, they have now been able to do so and they did a heroic job keeping the fire from spreading to other areas. so those are some of the major points to this earthquake. we've been seeing some quarter
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damage. this is one in downtown napa where store fronts either have destroyed the glass of the store fronts or they have something like this. it's certainly possible for sprinklers to go off and water main leaks little. all that is compounding the problems they have this morning. some of the buildings themselves could be structurally unsound at this point. think about this. after you lose all your merchandise, your building, you may not even be able to use it, as city inspectors go through the process of checking the engineering, checking the structural integrity and ensuring none of the buildings need to be red tagged, as we imagine some will need to be in the days and weeks after a quake of this magnitude. again, we are talking about a 6.1 quake, the strongest to hit the bay area in 25 years. october, 1989, you have to go back that far to the loma prieta
9:35 am
earthquake to have felt a stronger quake in the bay area. >> and napa has been through this before, back in 2000, september. september 3rd." i want to correct my date on that. they had something like 2500 buildings damaged and they did a lot of retrofitting since that time. cornell barnard is at the scene. you know even the retrofitted buildings had some damage? >> yeah, no doubt about it. some of the most extensive damage we are seeing is right here in downtown napa. take a look at this. this is the alexander square building. built during the gold rush, as you see, most of the upstairs offices, at least the walls, have been shattered. the windows are askew. in fact, we have to the left side, the left tower of this building is precariously on top of this building right now. it is damaged extensively inside. we are told that was a vacant office there that you are looking at.
9:36 am
but all of the bricks, a lot of the border, a lot of cornices on top of the building came crashing down to the street below, taking out a tree, all of the oftennings. there is a popular restaurant on the ground floor of this building, too. that will be closed for the time being until inspectors can get out and take a look at what exactly was damaged on the inside. the old courthouse is behind us. it's had some extensive damage, too. let's bring in richard. he's with the napa county superior court. richard, you are seeing some of the damage for the first time. what is your reaction? >> well, it's very tragic. we know that in the oldest part of the building, the 1870 portion, that's been damaged. how much of it is cosmetic and how much is structural, we don't know yet. we are bringing big 12 in a structural engineer to look at that and give us an idea when we might use the budding again. i don't see it happening within
9:37 am
the next couple weeks and it will probably be longer. >> right now i imagine too unsafe to go inside, right? >> absolutely, and especially with the chance of another earthquake immediately. a lot of break down. >> a lot of these buildings are gold rush era but they have been retrofitted the last couple years, right? >> yeah. the historic courthouse had some retrofitting done after the earthquake in '01 and even after that. but it's an old building and it's not up to the same standards a modern building would be. >> you worked in a building. what's going on inside that building you work in? >> there are cracks in the wall, mostly cosmetic, it looks like. it doesn't appear it is structural, and we hope to have that building open on monday for some emergency services. again, we are kind of wait to go get an initial opinion on that,
9:38 am
as well. >> but it's certainly in much better shape an the old courthouse. >> i talk to a supervisor a couple hours ago. he said the structural integrity of really this whole block we see behind you is in question because it is old, all made of brick. >> that's correct. and the old courthouse, as well. >> i asked you earlier. you live in the napa area. tell me about your experience of the quake this morning? >> well, my wife and kids and i were awoken quite suddenly. it felt like -- we are in a two-story house and the second story felt like it was swaying two or three feet. every chest of drawers ended up on the floor and i don't think there's a painting or a picture up on the wall. but luckily we all made is it safe. and that's the important thing. >> richard, thank you very much for your time. good luck to you. the whole downtown area has been cordoned off with a lot of tape.
9:39 am
unless you are media or emergency services you can't get in here. a few people are getting a little too close, a little too close to this building. we were here at the 5:00 a.m. hour this morning when bricks continued to fall down about ten feet from us and we were told to move away from the building obviously. so it is quite a mess here in the downtown area. a lot of damage assessment going on right now. building inspectors, at least from the outside, trying to get a good look at what exactly has been damaged here. live in down down napa, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> great information. hopefully folks are following on twitter. you have been tweeting out good pictures. that would be@cbarnard. that's his twitter handle. >> we want to show people what has been going on. there have been a lot of inspections of transportation services too to make sure we are
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safe when we get around. leyla is checking on that. we. >> we are taking a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing between marin and san francisco without any problem whatsoever. no damage here as far as chp is reporting to us and caltran as well. people can come in to san francisco from the east bay. most of the damage is sustained in the north bay, the american canadian area. an earlier closer along highway 37. but we are still seeing repairs that are currently being made. caltran, they were very quick on the job. they are out there and making repairs. they are filling in the cracks we saw earlier. and also the road buckling that we noticed here along highway 121 and 129. the area indicated in purple, that means the road is shut down. to the west, and south of
9:41 am
congress. there are road closers there. one way traffic in effect. they are using portions of the shoulders for traffic to get by so they can have both directions flowing okay. traffic is light. people are encouraged not to head out on to the road today if you don't have to. right now you can take a look at highway 37 in i-80. that roadway has reopened. also if you are traveling along bridges, both are inspected and both looking fine. they are sound at this point. in sonoma, this is one of the bigger events in the area today. sonoma raceway is open for the grand prix. there are some traffic advisories to the north. closers in effect between 121
9:42 am
there and 29. >> we have the napa first united methodist church. we are seeing some damage to this historic building as well as sky 7hd is able to fly and capture was going on there. you can imagine they had services for people starting this morning. not sure of the impact there but that's one of the buildings, it's a little older and it could have damage. >> right now you can see how quiet the streets are. you imagine at this time of day on sunday morning and on a sunday morning you would imagine they would have a lot of people on the street. now we are looking at a fire that sky 7 moved over to another part of town.
9:43 am
in a fire was about several mobile homes that caught on fire after a gas main break. we know at least four were destroyed and another two damaged. fire involving local homes. that's a church now. >> as we look at the church in napa, that may have some damage as well. we will let you know. not too far away, the city of sonoma, did better in this quake. the city sent out a news release telling us no major problems there. just scattered power outages but not the extent we've seen in napa. you see it looks like a portion of the cornice at the top of the building may have fallen a little bit. but to us, the faked eye, the structural integrity looks okay but you can't really tell. >> we have learned that services have been cancelled today. out after sense of precaution. you just don't know. it's an older building.
9:44 am
we just don't know at this point if it's structurally unsound. but you don't see anybody on the streets now. >> reporters on the field have been giving us great info. if you want to follow them on twitter, that's a simple way to get information. laura anthony is @lauraanthony 7 and cornell bernard is @cbernard. and amy as well. and david louie down at usgs in menlo park. you can follow him @abc7 david. all of them sending out new information and pictures. >> we are checking our tweets constantly to see what you know that we can share with everybody else. wayne freedman has been seeing amazing damage from the earthquake. wayne, what are you seeing right now?
9:45 am
[siren.] >> now we have a fire truck going over our shoulder. we don't know where they are going. maybe going to and f. ro all morning. you just watched that fire truck on redwood road. he didn't run a red light because there is no red light. the power is still out at this intersection. but you notice the drivers are being very orderly about the wear they get across the street. they take that are time. everyone is being courteous. a little fire to the right. you see crews from pg&e who are working on getting this power back on. it's an orderly process but there are places in napa the damage is worse than others. i want to show you some astounding images from earlier this morning. an apartment house at 302 browns valley road. it's one of two car ports in front of the unit that collapsed from the quake this morning. and dozens of automobiles are inside. there's no way to get them out. no way at this point in assess
9:46 am
the damage. so the people there are essentially stuck. they have been locked out of their apartment and they can't go anywhere so they are sitting in chairs in front of the place. they need toes cars. i also want to show you other pictures here from inside one of those apartments. this one belongs to michelle. look inside. everything tossed. it was neat and clean, everything put away when she went to bed, so she says. not anymore. here's a bit of our interview with michelle. >> it was scary. and all of the apartments pretty much look like this. >> what does it do to you? >> it scared me. devastating, too. it's going to be days to clean up. there's no power yet. >> how violent? >> it was real violent. it woke me out of a dead sleep. >> so michelle is, like everyone
9:47 am
else in the apartment, trying to wait to get back in to begin to clean up. an interesting note, about the only item that didn't fall on the floor of michelle's apartment this morning was, of all things, a religion medallion. it is still hanging on the wall. we pointed that out to her. she was rather speechless about it. the good news is she's one of the people who did not have a car under the carport. she loaned it to her son last night so she's fortunate in one way. but michelle at least has wheels and she will be able to get around but the other people are having a hard time. you can't even put gas in your cars, by the way. the gas station here, notice the signs. the power is out. if the power is out, you can't pump gas. so just one other minor increase among many major ones in napa this morning. live in napa, wayne freedman,
9:48 am
abc7 news. >> thanks very much. we just found out from governor brown, he just issued is statement and said he has declared a state of emergency. so for what they are now calling the south napa earthquake. the emergency proclamation because of the 6.1 earthquake in the napa valley and the continued aftershocks, as we've seen from all of the reporters. the critically damaged homes and closed highways. the emergency declaration was just issued by governor brown this morning. that will allow them to get more resources to help pay for all the damage and repairs. >> and ask for federal help up the chain. now we have to wait for the federal proclamation for that area. we will check in with david louie, who has been busy talking to a engineer and seismologist in menlo park. david. >> we all know at this point, it's been 6 1/2 hours since the earthquake hit. it's now time for the engine
9:49 am
nears, scientists and gio physicists at usgs to really dig in and find out everyone they can. one thing they look at is how were the energy waves transmit the under the ground to all parts of the bay area. you know how widely it was fell. think about the geography and geology of the area around the epicenter. all this blue represents water and the snake rivers snakes down. so as a result most of the soil we are told by the joologists is rather soft set meant. and soft setments allows waves of energy from the earthquake to get pushed further out. so all of that goes on. now the other thing we are interested in is whether or not the drought has had anything to do with this earthquake. we are told initially at this point, probably not. only because if anybody is going down into ground water to
9:50 am
irrigate, for example, agricultural fields, they aren't necessarily going very deep. this earthquake did occur about 6 .8 miles be owe the surface of the earth. most as well as aren't drafting water from that faerber down. this is a hard process of science to analyze what happened this morning and what they have learned, and also try to validate all the damage that we've seen in the napa area. we are live at usgs. in menlo park, david louie, abc7 news. >> thanks for the information about the soil. we were wondering about that because of the marina district. an interesting fact. and you have new information? >> wayne freedman has been tweeting great photos. we will show some of them with the lead he was talking to in the live report. look at the apartment. that's the kitchen everything has come out. the refrigerator door is left open. that's the carport he was talking about where she lives and so many of her neighbors' cars are gone but luckily she
9:51 am
loaned hers to her son. everybody outstanding around the neighborhood. if you look at those pictures, you think wow. if you find your refrigerator is down and freezer is down, some safety tips from the federal government. if you lose power, your freezer, if you keep the doors closed, that will help it stay cool. the food is okay for 24 hours if your freezer is half full. if it's fully full, then easier to keep it cold and 48 hours the food is still safe to eat. but in the fridge it's not as cold. you want to move that into a cooler if you can. you have to check it before you eat it. if it's more than 40 degrees, that's the point you throw it out and realize it would not be safe for consumption. so a tip from the federal government at a time like this when a lot of people do find themselves with the power out and the bridge not getting power. >> and we were talking as we
9:52 am
were rushing in to help with coverage, where is our earthquake kit? why didn't we put our shoes by the ows so we can run out of the house. a lot of people were evacuating the hotel in napa and had had their robes on. it's a good time. bad news makes you think about what you should do for the next time, right? it's just not safe to be indoors right now because of situations like this. preparenorcal on our website that is great tips on our website. we have the sky 7 right now, some sky 7 video. significant chimney damage there. >> yeah, this is at franklin and first street. one of many chimneys we've heard of this morning in which some of it fell down, some of it is damaged and in fact not a chimney burks a fireplace that hit that child in the face where
9:53 am
the child in critical condition who was at queen of the valley hospital. but you can see right in the epicenter area, in american canyon, right here in napa close by, if you have a break chimney, well, there's a great chance that you have some damage to it this morning. you have seen a lot of pictures. they have the yellow police tape up, not wanting people to get close. there could be further collapsing of that chimney so you don't want to get anywhere near it. in fact, be careful even as you are driving past an area like these cars are because you don't want damage to your car either. if you are walking in those areas, when you see that kind of damage, certainly be extra careful not to trip or fall on to some of that because that could certainly cause you injury as well. >> the natural tendency as human beings and we are curious is to go to the scene and see what happens. the officials are saying please do not get in the way of the crews because they have to do their jobs. but we don't know how many other people are injured.
9:54 am
especially people who are trying to go into some of the unsafe structures and don't know they are completely unsafe. things are falling off shelves, you might have another cabinet fall. there are many other ways for people to be injured by this because of aftershocks. just because things aren't structurally sound. list are asking you not to go to that scene and try to just be an observer and gawker and to take pictures because it's not cool and it's not safe. >> david louie has been talking about some of the aftershocks of that hit. lisa argen is also tracking that in the city. we will check in with lisa again. >> hi there, cheryl and kristen. this occurred the 3:20 in the fault. the damage you saw has been pretty intense. but the aftershocks remain. right now 51 aftershocks.
9:55 am
most aftershocks are microquakes of 1.0 magnitude to 2.0. these will continue within the next week or so. but the good news is the probability of a 6.1 or greater is only a 5 to 10% chance. right now this is a indication of a magnitude 1.0 just at about 9:07. these will keep there's a possibility of more aftershocks. 30 to 7 expected the next seven days. this is the biggest quake we've seen since 1989.
9:56 am
lots of folks still cleaning up. but this is the good news, the possibility of a greater one. now the small quakes do release some stress but, of course, that is putting stress elsewhere. so even though it is releasing a little bit of stress, not enough to help offset the big one. this certainly was not the beg one. but the good news is only a 5 or 10% chance of 6.1 or greatner the next five to seven days. kristen. >> the napa fault, not one many of us have worried about before. way are all worried about the hayward fault, which is overdue for a big earthquake and this morning's quake doesn't do anything to release pressure on that particular fault. the bay area, you always have to be prepared. >> i know it's not the big one, but for folks thrown out of bed, it felt really bad and scary. we've heard that from a lot of
9:57 am
our twitter friends. so much damage. to recap. we've had a 6 point 1 earthquake in the napa county area. a significant portion of napa is unsafe. we just don't know yet. but we've seen pretty bad pictures. the governor has declared a state of emergency and they are calling this the south napa earthquake. lots of wine in napa. we are talking about the
9:58 am
wineries. this happened at 3:20 as cheryl mentioned. it was felt as far south as santa cruz and sonoma county. it was certainly the largest and most widely felt earthquake in the bay area since the 6.2 loma prieta earthquake in 1989. ironically just about 25 years ago as we get ready to mark the anniversary of that devastating quake. we've had after shocks and you have heard lisa and david talking about the chance of a strong aftershock in the next week. they put that at 54%. so you definitely want to be ready, even as you continue to clean up and deal with the destruction from this earthquake this morning. >> all right. tiffany wilson is joining us with updates. tiffany. >> we want to start back with the proclamation of a state of emergency by the governor. it doesn't just cover napa county but surrounding sonoma and solano counties. the initial 6.1 quake. there you see it at my twitter
9:59 am
feed. but there is damage by the aftershocks as we mentioned. this opens upstate resource toss anyone who was affected. speaking of those affected, we've received dozens of pictures from people. we want to take a look at some of those pictures because you are our eyes and ears on the ground, along with the reporters in the field. but the first picture we are going to go to is a carport at the charter oaks apartment in napa. here you can see it. the carport, it fell down over the cars that were parked inside. as you heard wayne mention, it made it impossible for those folks to go anywhere. their care inside. this is from the napa valley distillery. you see significant damage by that disstillry. we go a little further, these are bookshelves from south napa county.
10:00 am
completely thrown over on their side. there's the bookshelf, just tossed over. no one near it fortunately when it fell. again you see this is wiped out. when you think napa, think wine, and a lot of wine has been lost. these are on the floors at the shop. another napa disstillry has significant damage. this is a picture from there. different bedrooms and apartments, furniture all over. things have been rattled. kitchens particularly hard-hit. bottles, spices, ingredients you see all over the counters and doors. this is at another home in napa. you know, these kitchens, again, significant area. loss. also the bricks. i know kristen was talking about bricks falling from chimneys and that's what we saw there. here is more wine. that looks like a pool of blood, but it is wine. again, wh


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